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Antique 14K Gold Coral Fist Figa Charm

Antique 14K Gold Coral Fist Figa Charm

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This interesting late 19th century hand pendant is mounted on a 14k gold case, holding a 14k gold chain with four miniature natural coral charms hanging from it, all with 14k gold details. No hallmarks - acid tested positive as 14k gold.

Considering its age, the hand charm is good antique/used condition; with signs of ageing. !!!Please note that there are cracks on the coral surface of the hand where the fingers are clenched - Priced accordingly!!! Antique items are pre-worn and will typically have some level of wear - Please refer to the images.

Usually these coral fist pendants come with larger groups of charms, these one has four small ones.
The small charms are:

1. Carved coral depicting corneto

2. Carved coral depicting a bird 

3. Carved coral depicting a vase / urn

4. Carved coral depicting a pan flute

The Figa charm is sold exactly as it was originally acquired, from an antique dealer/collector in Lille - France, together with a large group of other coral, horn and bone fist charms.

The total measurement of the hand including the charms is approximately 6 cm long by 2 cm wide.

The charm pendant weighs approximately 4.58 grams.

The chain on image 9 is just used as a reference.

A marvellous lucky charm against bad luck.

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