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Antique 18k Coral Gobbo Hunchback Pendant

Antique 18k Coral Gobbo Hunchback Pendant

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Another stunning Italian natural Mediterranean coral carved as a large lucky Gobbo.

Late 19th century natural orange/red coral pendant mounted on a solid 18k gold head case - no hallmark - acid tested positive as 18k gold. With a 9k gold strong split jumping, no hallmark - acid tested positive as 9k gold. 

The coral is nicely carved as a Lucky Gobbo/Hunchback. It is in good antique/used condition with some signs of ageing which in my opinion only add to its beauty. Antique items are almost always pre-worn and will typically have some level of wear. (Please refer to images for reference).

Large in size, it measures approximately 3.5 cm long (including bail) by 1.4 cm wide and it weighs approximately 5.8 grams. 

The chain on image 8 is just used as a reference. 

Acquired from an antique dealer in Italy, this is the larger Gobbo I have ever seen, therefore quite rare.

"Charms depicting Il gobbo, also known as the hunchback, were very fashionable in Italy in the 1800s. They were usually shown as a dapper little man wearing a dress suit and a top hat. In Victorian times a person with spinal curvature was also considered a good omen, and gamblers believed that touching their back would bring luck.“

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