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Antique Egyptian 14k Gold Scarab Ring

Antique Egyptian 14k Gold Scarab Ring

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Presenting an exquisite antique Egyptian scarab ring crafted from 14k gold with a hard stone Steatite Scarab.

The stone scarab has all the details of the dung beetle, the scarab symbol in ancient Egypt was closely connected with the sun god Khepri, who brought the sunrise over the horizon each day. Thus, it became a symbol of rebirth, regeneration, and protection in the after life.

On its back, it has a lovely group of hieroglyphics.

The 14k gold Egyptian setting is from the mid century.
It has an Ibis bird Egyptian gold hallmark (Egyptian mark for gold) - acid tested positive as 14k gold. This adds a touch of authenticity to this overall splendid piece. The scarab to be set on a 14k karat gold ring increases the possibility of its authentic as an Egyptian ancient scarab, although it's always hard to tell with Egyptian scarabs
The ring is in good estate condition with small signs of age and use to which is expected with such a vintage item. (Please refer to images).

It weighs approximately 3.05 grams
Size UK Q, US 81/2
Scarab measures approximately 1.7 cm by 1.1 cm

I believe this 14k gold ring is a later third Neo-Egyptian revival, a stylistic movement that has seen three resurgences since 1800. The first wave was sparked by Napoleon's expedition to Egypt around 1805-1810. The second revival coincided with the opening of the Suez Canal circa 1870, and the third resurgence was ignited by the discovery of King Tut-Ankh-Amun's tomb in 1922 carrying the trend on to the 1960s.

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